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Help Liam Beat Childhood Cancer(UPDATE 4/5/2024)

Happy Spring to all!

As we enter this new season, we wanted to provide a much overdo update on Liam and our family. We are thrilled to say that Liam has now been cancer free for the last 18 months! Our latest visit confirmed his cancer marker remains undetectable. He’s a healthy, happy 4 year-old who does everything his twin brother can do, and more!

2023 brought new challenges and great memories for us. Our biggest highlight was a trip to Disney World through the Make a Wish Foundation. Liam’s wish to see Cinderella’s castle came true, and he was able to shyly meet Cinderella while hiding behind a curtain. Eli did most of the talking, explaining where we were staying and what our day had been like thus far. We also celebrated Liam and Eli’s 4th birthday at Sesame Place and joined a pool after their first swim at Disney World.

Amelia turned 2 in February. She’s chatty, incredibly sweet, and surprisingly polite for a 2 year old. She adores her brothers who are enjoying their last few months of preschool. Next is Summer, the twins’ 5th birthday, and then they’re off to Kindergarten.

As parents, we just want health and happiness for our kids and we’re constantly amazed that we made it here.

We once again want to offer our overwhelming thanks for your love and support. As we celebrate the milestones that have come, and will continue to in the future, we wish you all the fresh start and renewal that comes with Spring. We’ll keep blooming with you.


The Acchiones